This code of conduct is meant for everyone who is attending LetsPy 18, speakers, attendees, organisers or anyone else who will be there on campus related to the event.

Think LetsPy as your own event. We believe that you should make most out of this event, therefore interact, make contacts and paticipate in hands-on workshop. Try to make most of whatever you are paying as a partcipation amount.

Unacceptable behavior include: 
1. You should not go inside or outside the hall area several times. The mobiles should be on vibration mode so that the environment remains peaceful.

2. You should not throw garbage, left overs at the venue premises.

3. You should not try to harass anyone verbally, physically etc. Any such attempt of harassment will not be tolerated.

4. You should not consume alcohol or any other type of drugs while coming to the event. Also, smoking in the venue premises is strictly prohibited.

Any unexpected behaviour will not be tolerated inside the venue campus. You will not only be thrown out of the campus but a legal action will also be taken.

At Event: The Registration Desk
Directly call Rutash Bharti at +91-7898843743, to reach out on the event day. 
If you would like to contact a woman representative only, then call Trupti Kalode at +91-8390237851

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